Spiro Haralambous Funeral Director – Principle

The Principle of our Company who commenced working in the funeral industry in 1993 working with two very well established and respected Funeral Directors.

After completing a Bachelor of Divinity and ultimately joining the ministry, Spiro’s experience has come full circle, through his tenure whilst serving a large local parish’s pastoral needs and dealing with grief from a similar, yet different perspective.

Through the cycles and experience of his working career and personal loss, Spiro is the driving force behind the principal ethos dictating the direction of Euro Funeral Services and his stewardship the company has gained an unrivalled reputation for excellence in personal care and attention to detail.



Georgia Haralambous Funeral Director – Relations Family

As a co- proprietor of Euro Funeral Services, Georgia is the first point of contact where funeral arrangements are discussed and commenced.  In line with our Care and Family Relations Policy, her diligence, compassion and genuine care to detail gently guides our families through all the difficult decisions whilst putting some order into an otherwise grief stricken chaotic time.

It stands true that a woman’s touch and understanding is an unrivalled dynamic that could not be more valid than its application on a funeral. Georgia in her role as family relations stands by our families’ side right through to the finality of the funeral service.

Georgia’s warmth and comforting demeanour is born out of personal experience that lends itself to a sincere calling to assist those grieving.


Justin Haralambous – Funeral Director

Our youngest member to our Funeral Support, Justin’s enthusiasm at his age may seem an odd quality in our industry but he displays genuine compassion and care towards family members along with the motivation to learn more aspects of the funeral industry.

If first impressions count, then we are very proud to present this fine young gentleman as part of our team as we mentor and train him to in all facets of the funeral industry and reach his management potential.




Pan Skoumbourdis – Funeral Director

Pantelis has over 25years’ experience in customer service roles in several industries including sales, insurance, training and development and the finance sector. He is committed to being of service to our families, supporting them throughut the process of laying their loved ones to rest and leaving our families with a positive and lasting memory.


i/ Tom Hormovas : Tom has worked closely with EFS management to further enhance and
develop procedures to streamline the funeral process. With an astute focus on a grieving
family’s needs during those most difficult moments, he will be typically seen on funerals
conducting and putting into practice what he knows and does best – assisting the family and
attending mourners farewell their loved one in the most dignified manner possible.


ii/ Bill Xenos : Bill, affectionally called Billy, he drives our fleet of hearses.
His compassion within this industry is reflected in his meticulous appearance and pedantic
attention to detail. He attends to all the detail prior to the crew departing to a funeral.
His commitment and loyalty to his responsibilities make his a valuable member of our team.


iii/ Vicky Vitetzakis : Compassion and Vicky are synonymous, through her personal loss and
her experience with arranging almost one thousand funerals. Her attentiveness to detail
and efficiency during her arrangements are her greatest qualities that many families have
commended her on. When Vicky is commissioned to do an arrangement, we are confident
the family is truly dealing with professional and compassionate person.


Iv/ Maria Kametopoulos : Maria heads up our company’s stone work division, with over 25
years of experience. With all the relevant licensees and supply contacts in just her 12
months she has completed just over 100 monuments with excellent reviews from all her
customers. Her recognition and respect within the funeral and stonework industry is
synonymous with care and attention to detail.

v/ Mortuary Staff and Embalmer :
Jack Fletcher Main is senior Embalmer and mortician.
He has over four decades of experience and is second generation embalmer following in his
fathers footsteps. He has the highest qualifications attainable with a wealth of knowledge
and experience that translates into the care that each deceased person entrusted to us
deserves. He is currently mentoring and training two young morticians Anastasia and Nikki,
who are qualified morticians, and eager to inherit Fletcher’s wisdom and experience.
As we often say ; “what these people do so quietly in the mortuary, has such a loud impact
on the families of the loved ones entrusted to us “