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At Euro Funeral Services we pride ourselves in being diverse in our abilities and knowledge of religious rites and ceremony. Not only do we have a multi culturally diverse team,…...

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A Repatriation is the transfer of a loved one’s remains to or brought from Interstate or across the great seas in another part of the world. At Euro Funeral Services,…...

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There are various types cremation services that can be arranged with our funeral directors. There is no right or wrong, the following is a brief outline of the options. Nil…...

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Exhumation is a long tedious and difficult  task as it requires working with the NSW health department, Cemeteries and many other departments.  Euro Funeral services have had 15 years experience…...

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Pre Planning

In this day and age, it is vital to plan as much as possible for peace of mind. We already have so much on our plate and burdening others with…...

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Burial Services

A below ground burial can take place after a church, chapel or other venue service or only be a grave side. The cortege will proceed to the burial site and…...

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