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A repatriation is the transfer of a loved ones to or brought from interstate or across the great seas in another country.

At Euro Funeral Services, we pride ourselves in our repatriation, reuniting loved ones in their home soil.

Euro funerals have helped many families honour their loved ones wishes by having their remains transferred internationally and we have even gone as far as organizing the funeral and services in another country with the assistances of their local funeral directors.

We organize and prepare all required paperwork, official Certificates and Health department permits as well as complying with international regulations and flight guidelines.

We will also liaise with the Consul-General of the other country and have all paperwork and requirements completed.

The cost of a repatriation is almost equivalent to a burial service in Australia depending on destination, Find out more by contacting your funeral director.

If this was your loved ones wishes, then please contact us and we can discuss the various options. Repatriations can also be